Problem of preventing dandruff growth

Before we get to treatment, we have to understand the problem of dandruff. It refers to that dry, skin flakes which can be quite noticeable since they are white in color. It may surprise you to know that, medically speaking, this is no cause for alarm.
However, since these flakes can be quite socially embarrassing, people are quick to lap up any cure that the market can offer. The itching, which typically accompanies dandruff is also a problem. The misconception which fuels the social problem is that dandruff results from poor hygiene and hair care.


While irregular shampooing can make things worse for you, now that you have dandruff, it is not what caused it. You should check with your doctor, especially if your dandruff appears to be greasy and yellow. This most often results from seborrheic dermatitis.


It would help your condition to shampoo daily. Look for gentle shampoos which attack dandruff. It helps eliminate all those surplus oils. Don’t forget conditioners that target this problem too. Rosemary as well as tea tree oil can really help when it comes to dandruff. You can add a few drops of either or both oils to your shampoo each time you shower. Do take care to see that you rinse thoroughly each time. Don’t be surprised if the shampoo that works for you suddenly doesn’t. This means that your case of dandruff has finally turned resistant to that shampoo. Some people overcome this problem by rotation of three different shampoos. Try to use one specially formulated shampoo each month. However strong the urge caused by dandruff, don’t scratch your scalp. You don’t need a secondary infection. Coal-tar preparations have also been used. Be careful about sweat. Head for a shower and wash your scalp with that treated shampoo after a perspiring activity. Do avoid, as far as possible, chemical hair products which will lead to unhealthy build up on your head. If your hair is still wet, do dry it before sleeping. Apple cider vinegar can also be used to treat your scalp. Lime juice can be an effective rinse for this condition. You can squeeze this into roughly three mugs of water for that final rinse. When brushing, do so gently from your scalp towards the tips of your hair with uniform, firm strokes. This will help evenly distribute your scalp’s natural oils. If your dandruff seems unwilling to abate, do visit your doctor who can help with tenacious cases.

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