Pendulous breasts problems

Pendulous breasts are mammary glands which have lost their upright and round appearance. These breasts have changed to a longer and more cylindrical shape and appear to hang down the chest wall without support. The name comes from the reference to a pendulum which hangs from a fixed point, but can move freely. Pendular breasts are normal for many large breasted women to experience at some point in life and do not require any alteration, unless the women is disturbed by some physical or emotional aspect of the condition.

What are Pendulous Breasts?


A young breast, almost regardless of size, is firm, rounded and upright. The youthful nipple is likely to point outward or even slightly upward. As women age and experience lifestyle related breast changes such as childbirth and breastfeeding, the mammary skin and connective tissues will stretch and expand, losing that youthful resiliency. The result of these processes is a general lengthening of the breast mound and a nipple which points downward. This is a normal process and is no different than the effects of age and gravity on the rest of the physical body. There is nothing inherently wrong with this shape breast and some cultures actually prize this look as a sign of mature femininity and fertility.

Pendulous Breasts Problems


The physical problems associated with pendular breasts usually have more to do with general size than anything else. Many pendular breasts are very large and heavy, causing muscular back ache and poor posture. It might be difficult to find clothes which fit nicely or are complementary to the figure if the breasts are huge and pendulous.

Emotional concerns are much more serious and affective. Women do not generally like the appearance of pendular breasts, nor do they like the constant reminder of the effects of aging and childbirth upon their bodies. Common patient descriptions and names for their pendular breasts include: hanging boobs, banana boobs, cucumber boobs and ball in a sock. These are not terms of endearment and certainly demonstrate a good humored approach used to conceal the actual emotional pain suffered by many of these women. The majority of women with pendular breasts do not like their bust and demonstrate a poor body image in general. Correction of the pendular condition can renew this tainted body image and revitalize the spirit.


Correction of Pendulous Breasts


There are 2 primary approaches to pendular breast surgery. For women with more ptosis than actual size concern, a drastic mastopexy procedure will make their breasts as good as than new. Women with extra large sized ptotic breasts might require a breast reduction instead of a simple breast lift procedure.

In either case, the treatment for pendular breasts will consist of removing problematic excess breast tissue and re-sculpting the breast mound. The nipple will be raised and the inframammary fold can be lowered. This will create a firmer, more youthful breast, with a nipple pointing outward or even upward once again. The procedures are invasive and are likely to leave visible scars, but the results can still be amazing and can make huge positive changes in the lives of surgically treated patients.


Recommendation on Pendulous Breasts


Serious pendulous conditions will demonstrate many of the following characteristics:

* Ability to hold objects under the breasts

* Wide range of breast movement, even during low impact activity

* Majority of the breast tissue below the inframammary fold

* Nipple at or below the inframammary fold

* General breast droopiness

* Lack of cleavage and upper breast fullness

* Areas of tightly pulled skin at the upper breast attachments


If these conditions describe your breasts, you may well qualify for pendular breast treatment. Surgical correction is not at all necessary unless these physical characteristics are emotionally troublesome to you. If you are indeed suffering anguish and other psychological issues due to your pendular breasts, it might be time to get help. Consult with a qualified cosmetic surgeon to find out more about the surgical options which can restore your breasts to an upright and youthful look and feel.

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