Part 2- foods that fight health problems

- Bananas – Mother Nature’s perfect snack. No preparation, no washing or refrigeration. They are prepackaged in a biodegradable wrapper for perfect enjoyment.

Since they are easily digestible, they are often served as babies’ first food. Women suffering from PMS can get a healthy serotonin rush by consuming a banana. Bananas help build a shield against heart disease.

They are packed with potassium that helps fend off high blood pressure. In short, the goodness of bananas battles cancer, heart diseases, high blood pressure, kidney stones, premenstrual syndrome and strokes.


- Barley – Barley with all its magic ingredients is good for heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Beta-glucan fiber lowers cholesterol, while tocotrienol deactivates an enzyme that tells the liver how to produce artery clogging cholesterol. Barley is a quick fix for constipation. Just 1 cup of cooked barley can provides approx 14 gms of fiber to get the bowels moving.


- Basil – Originally a cooking herb, Basil has found many uses as a medicinal herb too. Basil weakens the ulcer producing activity of aspirin and alcohol, fight inflammation and swelling and battle infection causing bacteria. It also prevents colon cancer and helps build strong bones. Basil helps reduce bloating and flatulence. If you overindulged with alcohol, drink tea by steeping 2 tbsp of chopped fresh or dried basil leaves mixed in 1 cup of just boiling water for about 15 minutes. Strain and sip and feel the difference.


- Beans – These luscious legumes are loaded with fiber and other nutrients to keep body running in top shape. Beans fights cancer and cholesterol. B vitamin folate reduces blood levels of amino acid involved in heart disease. People having type 2 diabetes benefit from the soluble fiber present in the beans. It slows down the passage of carbohydrates from foods into the bloodstream. Beans fight the battle of bulge as they control your appetite by taking up lots of room in your tummy. If you keep forgetting things, people, etc, boost your brainpower by eating a serving of beans few times are week.


- Beef – Are you surprised to know that beef can help to fight common health problems? Loaded with disease fighting nutrients, beef if you buy lean gives no complaints. Lean beef lowers level of bad density lipoprotein and improves levels of high density lipoprotein cholesterol. Beef supplies vitamins and minerals that maybe in short supply in a diet. Selenium in beef is a powerful antioxidant that lowers the risk of skin cancer, fights heart disease and wards off infections.


- Beet – Heart shaped veggies, 1 cup of fresh beets gives 1/3 of daily folate requirement. In short vitamin B that keeps homocysteine in control so that it does not trigger a heart attack. Beta – cyanin, a phytochemical that gives deep red colour is a cancer fighter. Beet juice curbs normal healthy cells from changing into cancer cells. Beets are good source of fiber for good bowel function. Beet battles cancer, diabetic and heart disease.


- Bell Peppers – Ring in health benefits with bell peppers. A red bell pepper packs in twice as much vitamin C than an orange. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant eating up free radicals that cause cell damage leading to heart disease and cancer. Vitamin C also bolsters your immune system helping to lessen the severity and duration of a cold. Lutein and zeaxanthin – two plant compounds in red bell peppers prevent age related macular degeneration (ARMD) that is responsible for sharp vision. ARMD is common cause of irreversible blindness in people. Ophthalmologists recommend intake of these compounds from foods rather than medicine or supplements.

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