Most women faced vaginal dryness problem

You are not alone if you happen to suffer from such a problem. There are many women in every country who face this problem. Your chance of vaginal dryness increases once you have your menopause.

The main reason for any one to suffer vaginal dryness is mainly due to reduction in estrogen production which leads to the drying and thinning of the vagina wall.


This creates problem in your sex life as there is complete loss of libido. As vagina is not properly lubricated making your sexual intercourse painful and a less pleasurable activity.

General feeling at the vaginal area is that of itching and burning which can be very irritating. By lubricating your vagina this problem can be solved. Due to constant soreness any kind of sexual activity becomes more of pain than fun.


Vaginal dryness during and after menopause, is a much known fact. This kind of problem does not concern older women only or those who all are going through menopause. It can be a problem for any women. Some of the common and known causes other than reduction of estrogen level are cancer treatment medication, yeast infection, vaginal bacterial infection, douching and many more.


Reasons due to which estrogen levels fall are:

Removal of ovaries through surgery
In the process of childbirth and breast feeding
Cigarette smoking


The best thing to do at these times is to see to it that you are always hydrated. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water everyday should be followed religiously. This kind of drinking would help you in the long run. There should be an open communication between the partners which would help you to deal with the issue. Openness about such matters makes the problem very feeble and less important. As this problem can be easily solved by some simple measures at home and if that doesn’t help a doctor can always help.


Some ways to ward off Vaginal Dryness:

Avoid perfumed soaps or shampoos which may be one the reasons for having vaginal dryness
An Unscented soap can be of good help
Wear Cotton panties, this may help in proper air circulation
Avoid Bubble baths
Do not use Powder or Perfumes in Your vaginal area
Avoid douching

Make yogurt as part of your diet as it has good bacteria which fights the other bacteria
Having linseed or Flaxseed helps to reduce vaginal dryness. You can add these in your morning breakfast as well the juices or smoothies you have
Use of water based lubricant known as KY Jelly and many more can be found in the market

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