How to prevent them Train with No pain: Injuries

Below is a list all athletes should have as a reminder at the beginning of their training journal in order to PREVENT injury.

1. WARM UP: No matter how rushed you are to get your workout complete, muscles need to be warmed up. A large percentage of injuries are induced from lack of warmed skeletal muscles. These are the reasons why it is important to warm up your muscles.

2. REST: As a high performing athlete, muscles recover and grow during REST periods, not while training. When you are training you are actually creating micro tears in your muscles. When you are rest, with proper nutrition and supplementation your muscles rebuild, stronger and denser. During rest you also allow your system to recover and rejuvenate. If you train too many days in a row at full capacity, you are more apt to incur fatigue-related injuries. You body needs rest or will make silly mistakes during training sessions.

3. STRETCH: Just as important as warming up, stretching will work your muscles and prepare them to perform at peak levels. The more limber you are the better you will jump, explode, leap or bound. With properly stretched muscles you are more explosive and can make quick movements with proper response from your muscles. If you are too tight and train un-stretched there is a chance of a muscle tare during a fast movement.

4. DON’T TRAIN INJURED: Its tempting, especially for young or over zealous athletes to continue to train when they are injured or when healing from an injury. It is hard for them to sit still and remain off the field until the injury has completely healed. It is important to work with a professional and once you are released to train again to ease back into your training program By following these guidelines you will ensure a happy training routine, that is productive and injury free!

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