How to Avoid BodyBuilding Injuries

You’ve been benched! And no…I DON’T mean bench-PRESSED! “Benched” as in out of the game…as in injured…as in kaput.

Body building injuries lurk just around the corner, waiting to knock you out of your training regimen if you give them the chance.

But hey…what can happen, right? I mean, you can lift a gazillion pounds of steel over your head. Body building’s harmless; what could go wrong, right? Well, the bad news is you could lose all your hard-earned gains and return to being Pretzel Boy or the Flabinator if you get hurt.

But the good news is you can avoid most body building dangers if you’re smart.

Here are some important body building cautions. Follow them, and you’ll stay buff, tough, and never turn to fluff because you got hurt.


This is a biggie when you’re into body building. You’re not some weekend warrior or New Year’s resolution-keeping hobbyist. You’re into body building for real. You’re serious about bulking up. And so you work hard. Every day or every three days…the same muscles, over and over. You’ve gotten addicted to the “pump” even though it doesn’t mean you’re actually adding muscle.

Train smart! Body building follows the laws of biology. Biology says your muscles only grow in response to exertion AFTER the fact. They knit together bigger and stronger when they have a chance to rest. If you don’t let them rest, they can’t do their job. If they can’t do their job, they rip, tear, and shred; and then it’s bye-bye body building dreams.

Eating Like An Idiot

This body building no-no can go either way. You can’t expect good results when you eat like a Sasquatch in a food court. Here’s a good body building diet hint: if your server asks if you want fries with that, you’re eating all wrong. On the other hand, you’re into body building; you’re not a jockey trying to make weight. Follow a sensible and healthy diet, getting the right amount of protein, and your body will be healthy enough on the inside for it to show on the outside.

Ignoring Form

Flop, flop, grunt, smash. You’ve seen the body building wannabe’s at the gym. They’re the guys who don’t realize the human body was designed to move in certain ways – and not in others. Aside from the danger you pose to everyone near you with your out-of-control weights, lack of good body building form is an injury waiting to happen. Learn good form. Watch yourself execute perfect form. When you start to tire, either do it right, or stop. Squeezing one more rep is foolish if you’re one rep away from injury.

Train smart, and you’ll still be body building when you’re ninety.

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