Infection of bacterial colon!

Bacterial colon infection is caused when there is an imbalance in the levels of bacteria that are normally present in the colon. The imbalance could be due to heavy usage of antibiotics. This disturbs the bacteria that are normally found in the colon, increasing the amount of harmful bacteria.

This harmful bacteria is called Clostridium difficile, also known as C-diff. Due to this bacterial imbalance, there is inflammation of the colon lining which causes fever, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Although not contagious, the bacteria of the said infection are present in the infected person’s stools.

It is necessary that one maintain hygienic practices such as rigid, post defecation washes and simple hygiene. It is essential that you watch what you eat and avoid all kinds of outside food if you have a colon infection. A Bacterial Colon infection would show symptoms like diarrhea, fever, weakness and abdominal pain. In certain cases one would also notice mucus and blood in the stools, along with insomnia, bloating of the stomach and nausea.


The causes for a bacterial infection are many and some of them are prolonged constipation, use of purgatives and poorly digested carbohydrates. Besides these over intake of antibiotics and stress is also known to cause colon bacterial infections.

One should not consume counter medicine to control the diarrhea that is caused by C. diff bacteria. These medications close the passage of the stool, which in turn exposes the already inflamed colon to toxins present in the stools. Some of the remedies you could follow in such a condition include consumption of at least 2 ripe bananas and a glass of buttermilk every day. Drinking tender coconut water is known to be very helpful. You would also need to eat rice as it is known to have a low fiber content.


Besides these, papaya, carrot and raw cabbage juice has proved to be very healthy. Avoid citrus juices and follow a diet of steamed vegetables, rice and homemade cottage cheese. Also avoid eating an meat and stay away from excessive consumption of white sugary and salty foods. Smoking could prove to be very harmful during this period.


During this state, you must take complete bed rest. You must eliminate all kinds of stress and tensions. During diarrhea, there will be a lot of water loss from your body. You should keep drinking a lot of water in order to keep yourself well hydrated.

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