Home remedy of cold hands

Our body mechanism is such that that it alternates the blood circulation so as to keep its vital organs warm. Hence, there is a diversion of blood flow to more vital organs restricting the flow to hands and feet. This is what causes cold hands and feet.

Simple basic techniques include wearing warm gloves and socks. Some people experience cold hands and feet all the time, even when they are indoors. Most of us make some hot tea and try rubbing our hands to keep them warm.

However, this may do very little good sometimes. Besides this other reasons what causes cold hands all the time would include stress, health problems like poor blood circulation or thyroid.


There are other disorders like the Reynaud’s syndrome also which could cause this condition due to slightest change in temperature like walking in an air-conditioned room or on opening the refrigerator. This syndrome causes vasospastic attacks in which the blood vessels at the extremities of our body like fingers and toes get constricted and we tend to feel cold even with slight fall in temperature. One of the cold hands cure is by using Heat Bands that are readily available in markets. These bands use the special material that makes the optimum use of the body temperature. Also, the Heat Bands do not need any battery or electricity. This treatment is best for pianist as cold extremities cause a lot of discomfort.


Some of the home remedies to cure cold hands include eating omega-3 rich fatty acid rich food items like salmon, herring, anchovies and mackerel. Omega-3 fatty acid has anti-coagulant property which averts blood clotting. Iron Deficiency can also be one of the causes of cold hands and feet. Food stuff like tofu, clams, fish, poultry, lentils, green leafy vegetables, and lean red meat serve as iron rich food and can be included in your diet.


The knowledge of what causes cold hands and cold feet would go a long way in effectively treating the condition. Dehydration causes chills which are one of the cold hands symptoms. Hence, liquids with high water content like herbal tea, cider, or broth are excellent for cold hands treatment. Cigarette smoking, consumption of alcohol and caffeinated drinks causes constriction of the blood vessels and this in turn reduces the blood flow. Another cold hand cure can be consumption of an herb called cayenne pepper which enables the flow of blood to hands and feet. This is done by taking one-fourth teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a cup of water a couple of times in a day. There are cayenne pepper capsules also available which can be taken with meals thrice a day.


Some of the other remedy includes swinging of arms in a windmill pattern keeping fingers, wrist and elbow straight. Another method is to outstretch fingers and swing the arms is large circles. This gesture will improve blood circulation and prevent your hands from getting cold. Also wiggling toes and fingers causes them to feel warm. Some other exercises include rotating shoulders clockwise for 15 seconds and anti-clockwise for another 15 seconds. This can be repeated for the wrist also. The cause of cold hands is the escape of heat from the sensitive areas like the neck and wrist. If these areas are protected from the cold properly it will disallow the heat to escape keeping the hands warm. Another remedy is a gentle massage on the ball of your palm. This again improves blood circulation thereby disallowing the cold sensation at fingertips. There are a few things that should be avoided to protect hands and feet from getting cold. Tight clothing should be avoided as they prevent the normal circulation to the fingertips and feet. Elemental calcium is also responsible for clotting of blood and should not be taken. Unlike the popular belief that hydrogenated vegetable oil that is margarine is easily digested and absorbed by the body it leaves a residue in the arteries causing problems in the blood flow.


Another cause for hands and feet to remain cold and turn purple is cyanosis. This occurs due to the lack of oxygenated blood in the body. In infants if this condition arises then it may be due to congenital heart disease. This case requires immediate medical attention. Another disorder namely the carpel tunnel syndrome causes the median nerve of the fingers to get squashed as a result of which one has cold hands all the time. Another life threatening disease for a heart failure is pulmonary edema or wet lungs. In this disease the tissues of the lungs are swollen which leads to unproductive pumping action of the heart.


Sometimes fear can be the main cause for the cold hands and feet syndrome. Adrenalin produced by the adrenalin glands change our physical reactions. It causes our hands to be sweaty, cold and shaky. Few individuals get anxious for the smallest of things. This feeling of anxiousness sometimes becomes a habit. One of the causes of cold hands is shallow breathing. Some people breath shallow as a result there is less oxygen supplied to the blood. Thus, deep breathing is one of the ways to cure cold hands and feet.


A thyroid malfunction can also be one of the cold hands causes. This is mainly seen is female population but men can also suffer from this. This disorder brings in other body conditions like Candida and fatigue. Candida is caused by a fungal growth with destabilizes the immune system or adversely affects the useful bacteria in the body. This attack by the fungus shows symptoms of cold hands and legs, chocking of sinus, fatigue and rashes. When such symptoms surface up it is best to take the Candida test to determine how serious the problem is. On complaining about cold hands and feet some doctors would suspect anemia. There are many factors that may nourish the cold hands syndrome like deficiency of minerals like B12 which reduces the absorption of iron in the blood. Another common cause for cold hands and feet is chronic allergies which can because of foodstuff or other environmental factors. Trying to experiment by amending the diet is a good way to find out which food items may be responsible for feeling of cold hands and feet all the time.

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