Fluttering rapid heartbeats- heart palpitations

An abnormality of the heart that causes an individual to be consciously aware of its beating is known as a palpitation. This palpitation could be irregular, too fast, too slow, or at a normal frequency. Symptoms of heart palpitations produce a number of sensations.

These could range from a racing and fluttering feeling to a momentary feeling that the bottom of their heart is dropping out, to a more serious pounding sensation of the heart. In some cases, pounding and racing occur together. It is often observed that those suffering from palpitations do not have any heart disease and the causes of their palpitations are not known.

Some symptoms of heart palpitations include blackouts, sweating, skipping or fluttering sensations, fainting, shortness of breath, discomfort or pain in the chest, poor heart functions, fast pulse rate, and dizziness. If these symptoms accompany your heart palpitations, it is important that you seek immediate medical help or attention. These symptoms of heart palpitations could be the result of a number of factors such as those mentioned below.

Anxiety or fear: Panic attacks can very often lead to symptoms of heart palpitations, which are commonly mistaken to be a heart attack.

Stress: Increased stress levels and emotional turmoil for a long period can cause your heart to miss a beat, pound or race.
Stimulants: Taking in caffeine in various forms is one of the main causes of palpitations. A number of drugs can also cause heart palpitations.

Alcohol: Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol could cause heart palpitations and anxiety.

Physical activity: Competitive activities and heavy workouts can make your heartbeat to race. The chances increase when the workouts are accompanied by nervousness, excitement, or some other emotions.

Thyroid disorders: An overactive thyroid could also cause heartbeat irregularities.

Certain foods: Many people complain of heart palpitations after eating foods such as chocolate, sugar, sweets, and carbs. Heart palpitation is also observed by many patients after eating food. This happens because your heart pumps harder so as to facilitate the flow of blood to your stomach to help the digestion process.

Menopause: There is a connection between heart palpitations and menopause. Causes of heart palpitation in women could be due to menopause. Women who are between the age of 35 and 55 very often experience perimenopause. One of the main symptoms of this stage is the hot flush, which is very often accompanied by palpitations. Heart palpitations and other menopause symptoms such as irritability, mood swings, sore joints, mood swings, sudden tears, and dry vagina are often felt by many women; these usually go away once the hormones settle.

Prolapse of the mitral valve: The mitral valve controls the flow of blood from the heart’s upper chamber to the lower one. This is on the heart’s left side. Prolapse is a condition wherein the valve balloons out or bulges out of shape. This is not a serious condition, but could lead to a distinctive murmur in the heart.

So is there a cure for heart palpitations? Yes, there are a number of natural cures for heart palpitations. One effective home remedy for a heart palpitations caused by an anxiety attack or disorder is eating raw guava regularly in the morning. This helps especially in case the palpitations are due to nervousness or anemia. A person suffering from heart palpitations caused from anxiety should follow a simple diet that comprises of lightly cooked or raw vegetables and fresh fruits. Another effective cure for heart palpitations is the consumption of grapes or grape juice. Drink this juice at frequent intervals to get relief from the condition. Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages such as alcohol, soft drinks, tea, and coffee as these could increase the incidence of heart palpitations. Drink a glass of water to which half a lime juice and one teaspoon of honey has been added. For those who are suffering from heart palpitations at night, make sure you use exercise techniques to help you reduce anxiety and stress. Ensure that you get sound sleep and avoid eating anything at least four hours before going to bed. Another effective remedy for heart palpitations is the juice of snake gourd leaves, which is extracted by crushing the leaves with some water. Drink about two tablespoons of this juice thrice a day.


In addition, you can develop your own strategies to help you cope with the problem. Maintain a diary of your palpitations. Note down things such as what triggered them off, when they began, and how long they lasted. Also make a note of the strategy that helped you cope with the palpitations. Deep breathing exercises can also help you calm down. So, the next time you suffer from heart palpitations and anxiety, focus more on your breathing rather than on your heart beats. If the heart’s palpitations are due to anxiety make sure you get treated for your anxiety problems. Check for group therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy to help you cope with anxiety. If you are suffering from heart palpitations that are unusual and prolonged, it is best that you connect with your health care provider and go in for a physical examination so that you are able to decide if the palpitations are of a serious nature. The health care provider usually takes into consideration the emotional and physical circumstances that surround a palpitation to figure out what the source could be. He/she will also check your medication list and want to know if you have recently used alcohol or stimulants. One of the best ways to assess your heartbeat disturbance is with the help of an electrocardiogram. Your health care provider will probably take the help of a portable monitor to record the rhythm of your heart over a period of 24 to 48 hours.


If the palpitations are infrequent, but still a cause for worry, your physician might recommend that you use a transient symptomatic event recorder or a cardiobeeper as it is popularly known as to record your heartbeat. This cardiobeeper is usually worn for extended periods and is turned on when the episode of palpitation occurs. The information that is gathered is then transferred to a physician.

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