The Man And His Philosophies

This article is the first part of a three part series about one the most influential people the beloved iron game has ever seen, and a man who also happens to be a coach I look up to: Vince Gironda. Vince who you may ask? Let me just put this out there:

Vince Gironda was the Bill Gate/Steve Jobs of bodybuilding.

In other words a true visionary. He was the first trainer to Hollywood’s elite, people such as Clint Eastwood and Cher. Vince Gironda even trained Larry Scott, Arnold Schwarzenegger and so on… He also took the concept of getting ripped to a whole new level, coming up with low-carb eating, carb loading, the use of liver tablets, etc.

Regarding Vince’s low carb approach to dieting, he often prescribed a whole eggs and lean meats in combination with some vegetables (pretty much a Paleo diet). Interestingly enough, he only proposed 3 meals a day and bridged the time in between with amino acid and liver tabs. There was only one high-carb meal every 4 days. Sound familiar? So this was more or less an intermittent fasting approach, which has become popular today.

Vince Gironda also had his own ideas when it came to the squat, flat bench and sit ups. These topics will be covered in part 2 of this series.
Who Was Vince Gironda and What Made Him Special?

Vince came from a very humble beginning in Brooklyn, NY. He moved to California when he has seven years old because his father took a job as a stunt man in the original Ben Hur movies. So, one can assume that a certain physicality was a given in the Gironda family.

Vince started out playing all kinds of sports. He was especially fond of horse back riding, gymnastics and the like. At 22, he took up weight lifting at a local YMCA. From there Vince Gironda became a trainer, and later an author that would create some of the most important principles in the fitness world.

Vince’s Gym was the Mecca for bodybuilding long before there was Gold’s Gym. He constantly churned out top-notch physiques, including Mr. Olympia Larry Scott.

To put it mildly, Vince was not an easy guy to get along with. He was known to kick members out of the gym when they didn’t work hard enough or performed sit-ups. (We’ll get to Vince’s

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hatred of that particular piece ab exercise in a later part)

Those poor souls would get a cash refund and that was that. Some of his contemporaries described him as erratic, impossible and rude. All this is most likely true but he had is reasons for his behavior (and the success to back it up). His methods were often ridiculed, even he never

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claimed to have found the absolute truth and always stated that his principles should be challenged.
8 Important Gironda Bodybuilding Principles

I want to elaborate on seven of some of the most important principles Vince Gironda formulated.
Training is a Privilege

Vince Gironda strongly believed that training is a privilege, not a chore. If you do not have the desire to be a great bodybuilder do not waste your (and his) time. Too many people see training as something that needs to be done, like home work. The truth is, this approach will get your nowhere fast.

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