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Bacterial vaginosis is basically observed on account of an overgrowth of a particular bacteria in the vagina or the vaginal area such as Gardneralla mobiluncus , Mycoplasma hominis and Gardnerella vaginalis. Many a times women fail to get the right treatment for gardnerella as they assume it to be a simple yeast infection and usually an over the counter medication. Gardnerella is characterized by itching, fishy odor, irritation and other such conditions, which is even more noticeable after ones menses or intercourse.

In some cases there may also be a smooth, sticky gray or white discharge. Some of the common causes of gardnerella include overuse of tampons, STD’s, having multiple sex partners, using intrauterine contraceptive devices, contraceptive sponges and so on. Women suffering from gardnerella are known to be interrupted or affected while performing their regular day to day activities and can be very uncomfortable.

A common and effective gardnerella home remedy is to use some cold water which is known to minimize the symptoms of this infection thereby providing some relief. However, douching should not be done too frequently as it could worsen the condition as the gardnerella bacteria thrives in moist damp conditions. Cold compresses and cold baths may also be used as an excellent home remedy post infection. The best way to deal with this infection is to administer a gardnerella home remedy as the natural treatment will help clear up the infection within a few days and also strengthen the immune system. Another gardnerella home remedy is to prepare a douche with a quart of water, cider vinegar, chamomile, sage and comfrey leaves. This mixture should be allowed to remain in some hot water and then cooled before douching the vagina with it at least twice a day. After douching the vaginal area should be wiped dry with a towel. A gardnerella home remedy for the itching sensation is to apply cold compresses of calendula, teat tree oil or chamomile. One may also directly apply some fresh pain yogurt on the affected areas to soothe the irritation. Another Gardnerella home remedy is to include plenty of fresh water, garlic and yogurt in one’s daily diet to help detoxify the system which in turn will neutralize the Bacterial Vaginosis Gardnerella. Care should also be taken to prevent the recurrence of bacterial vaginosis by always using a condom during sexual intercourse and avoiding the use of perfumed bathing products. One should also maintain certain dietary restriction in the form of a reduction in foods that are rich in sugar, processed foods and carbonated fizzy drinks.

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