Remedies of spotting after period

Brown spotting after periods is very common among women. Almost all women have experienced spotting at one time or another in their life. If you are spotting after your period is over, you should not worry too much as it is completely normal.
A lot of women feel that brown spotting after their period is an indication of a health disorder. However, that is not so. Yet, in a few circumstances, bleeding after periods may indicate that all is not well.

Most women begin their periods at the age of 11, or sometimes even younger. However, most women do not have regular periods till they are in their early twenties. Women may continue having normal periods after which they begin experiencing a gradual change. The cycles either become shorter or longer than normal.


Spotting occurs when periods have ended, and there is only a small amount of blood that can be seen when you wipe. This blood may be dark brown in color. This is an indication that the uterus is expelling old blood. Most of the times, the uterus is not able to expel all of the blood in it. In such a case, some old blood may keep piling on, and eventually the uterus expels out the old blood. Red spotting after the period indicates that this is fresh blood. The presence of bright red blood after periods can be an indication of a health problem. If spotting before and after periods remains only for a few days and the blood flow is not much, this is probably nothing to be concerned about. However, if you have to wear a sanitary napkin or a tampon after your periods are already over, because of the heavy spotting, you must consult a gynecologist immediately.


Spotting in early pregnancy is mainly caused by embryo implantation, when the embryo implants itself on the uterine walls. However, occasionally, this could be due to an ovarian cyst as well. If you experience a sharp pain in your lower abdomen along with fresh red colored blood, this is usually an indication of an ovarian cyst. A transvaginal ultrasound can help confirm the presence of these cysts. A lot of women experience menstrual spotting during their ovulation. This is a very normal phenomenon and you should not get too worried about it. Unless the flow of the blood is considerable, there is nothing to be alarmed about. During this time, it is normal to experience slight cramping as well.


Usually, when you experience spotting soon after you have had unprotected sex, it is an indication of pregnancy. Spotting is usually the first symptom of pregnancy. However, not all women experience implantation bleeding or spotting right after having unprotected sex. A lot of women are unable to tell the difference between spotting and regular periods. This is especially true for those women who have very light periods. One of the other reasons for spotting after periods is uterine fibroids. These fibroids are often responsible for spotting after periods. Fibroids are usually harmless even if they become very large and occupy large spaces in the uterus. If they grow unusually large, they have to be removed, or else they can grow to a very large size and may cause ruptures. They can be extremely painful and may also cause bleeding.

Some of the other causes of bleeding after periods and cramps include endometriosis, adenomyosis, and also some specific birth control pills. If you are experiencing heavy bleeding after the period ends, it is time to look up a good doctor. Bleeding after period has stopped could usually be harmless, but, one should also check as it could be if it is a sign of cervical cancer, endometriosis, and other conditions. These conditions could be really severe and need immediate medical attention. In most cases, spotting can be treated easily. You have to understand whether or not the brown spotting after the period ends is normal.


Normal spotting is what occurs after the heavy bleeding during your periods has subsided. If it occurs just after the end of the bleeding period, it is not considered harmful. However, if you experience heavy bleeding after the period has stopped, it is abnormal spotting and warrants a visit to the doctor.

Menstrual spotting and stress have a deep relationship. If you are under a lot of stress, you may experience spotting during the middle of your monthly ovulation cycle. Mostly, the spotting occurs during ovulation. If you see a spot of blood during your ovulation, it is considered an excellent sign of health and fertility. Spotting during ovulation is usually caused when the eggs burst through the follicle. This may cause slight bleeding. The uterus may also shed a little bit of the lining during ovulation because of the high levels of estrogen in the blood. The drop in progesterone, before the corpus luteum takes over, can also lead to spotting and bleeding. Spotting that continues for a few days is not considered implantation bleeding and should be checked by a doctor.


Abnormal spotting and bleeding may occur anytime, even if the menstrual bleeding has stopped. It may or may not be accompanied by other symptoms such as cramping, pain, and bloating. It is not normal to begin spotting a few days before your normal periods are to begin. Repeated spotting before having your periods can be an indication of low levels of progesterone. This is not a very healthy sign and may cause a lot of health problems later on in your life. Such a condition should therefore be diagnosed as soon as possible. If you are consuming certain birth control pills and are experiencing the symptoms of spotting, get yourself tested. You could also change the pills you are using or switch to another method of contraception and observe the results. If your bleeding stops, it is an indication that the spotting was caused by the hormones in the birth control pill.


Sexually transmitted diseases as well as cancer could also result in spotting and abnormal bleeding. It is important to eliminate the possibility of these dangerous conditions. Therefore, try and get yourself checked by a doctor as soon as possible.

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