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Human beings are emotional and rational animals. We are capable of deep, often unsettling emotions and also of deep intellectual activity. Thus, during childhood, the development of a child both emotionally and socially are important factors in the child’s future life.

Ensuring a nurturing atmosphere is vital for the child’s development.


1. Early Years: In the first year or two of life, children are usually nurtured, cuddled and generally cared for affectionately.
This creates a bond between the child and its family and allows the child to develop feelings of attachment. It is also characterized by the child occasionally yearning for its mother. This period is also characterized by behavior that is instinctive as the child’s thought processing ability is still developing.

2. Age 2-4: This is a particularly interesting and challenging period. Children learn basic physical activities like walking by this time and can be difficult to handle. Tantrums begin to occur as the child begins to assert his or her independence and begins to demand to do things on its own, especially walking. Children at this phase also begin to be possessive of certain things that offer them security like their favorite toy or doll.


3. Ages 4-8: The early schooling phase of the child’s life is when the child’s innate nature begins to be obvious. Extrovert children will play with companions of a similar age and are enthusiastic to try new things. They tend to lead or be a part of a group of other kids when they play. It is also a period where the imagination begins to be active. Introverts tend to be shy, withdrawn and may be found sitting in the corner of a school playground, generally afraid of doing things. These kids must be encouraged to be more social in order to overcome their fears.

4. Ages 8-12: This is the pre-teen age where development really kicks off. Modern society is extremely structured when it comes to children and nearly all children of this age will be in school and will have chores to do like homework. Self-discipline becomes necessary. Extrovert children will continue to socialize and have more initiative in learning and will be autonomous, confident of themselves and can get into fights when they feel their competence is being challenged by another child of the same age. Boys and girls begin to separate their playing activities from each other and the concept of possessiveness over friends becomes strong during this period. Introverts are likely to continue being shy and not confident of making decisions for themselves.

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