Causes of coughing blood

Coughing blood is also known as Hemoptysis wherein the individual spits out bloody mucus or blood from the throat or lungs. One of the coughing up blood symptoms involves the individual coughing out blood that often appears to be bubbly as it is mixed with mucus and air and is also usually bright red in color. The common coughing blood causes are blood clot in the lungs, gingivitis, lung cancer, irritation of the throat because of violent coughing, pneumonia, tuberculosis, nose bleed and even pulmonary aspiration which is basically the inhalation of blood into the lungs.

In some cases coughing blood may be caused not only because of a problem with the respiratory tract but may also be because of bleeding in the stomach.

The color of the blood is also indicative of the condition of the person. Blood that is bright red in color would be indicative that there is still some bleeding in the respiratory tract whereas if there is dry cough blood which may be brown or rust colored then it indicates that the blood has either clotted or dried.

One of the best remedies for coughing blood is not to block the blood by taking any commercially available cough suppressant. This is because by doing so, one may be allowing the blood to collect somewhere else in the body which may further aggravate the problem. It is always advisable to report coughing blood to the doctor who will then decide whether cough suppressants or any such medication is required or not. Those who have just observed some blood in their sputum should keep an eye on the sputum each time they cough to see if the blood reoccurs or the condition is getting worse.

Those who are coughing alarming amounts of blood or are worried with the quantity being observed may cough in a container and take this sputum to a doctor to run some tests. This would appropriately diagnose the cause of the blood. If the coughing up of blood is persistent then one may need to run the necessary tests for lung cancer which may also be further aggravated by those who smoke or who are suffering from chronic bronchitis. Coughing of blood on account of lung cancer is not always the primary cause of blood in the sputum. The primary symptoms of lung cancer are chest pain, shortness of breath cough and coughing up blood. These symptoms of lung cancer are observed on account of the development of metastatic tumors in various other parts of the body or even because of a disturbance of the hormones.

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