Cause of sinusitis nose bleed

Sinusitis is an ailment of the sinuses in which any one or more of the four sinuses become infected. Sinuses are hollow cavities behind the face, which are connected to the nasal passage and throat so as to facilitate flow of air and mucus. When there is any infection in and around any of these cavities, the affliction is referred to as sinusitis.

The infection might occur due to bacteria, fungi or some viruses.Sinusitis is usually divided into three categories.

Acute Sinusitis: In this type of sinusitis, the symptoms last for two to three weeks.

Chronic Sinusitis: In chronic sinusitis, the symptoms may last for two to three months or even longer. As the intensity of the infection is very severe, sinusitis nose bleeds may occur due to chronic sinusitis. Apart from sinus nose bleeds, you may also experience severe and persistent headaches and heaviness within the face. If you frequently suffer from allergic rhinitis, you are more prone to get affected by chronic sinusitis. Allergic rhinitis usually occurs due to pollens, allergens such as dust and smoke.

Recurrent Sinusitis:In this type, acute sinusitis occurs repeatedly even with minor infections.

So what exactly is a nose bleed sinus infection? Any chronic sinus infection can be a nose bleed sinus infection. What happens is that the inflammation around the sinus cavities is so severe that it exerts pressure on your nasal capillaries, resulting in the release of blood, which gets mixed up with mucus and comes out through your nasal passage while coughing, sneezing, and blowing your nose.


The symptoms of sinusitis may vary from person to person. These also depend on the location of sinuses that are affected. For example,if the sinuses behind your eyes and below the forehead are infected, you will feel pain on touching your forehead. Similarly, if the sinuses behind your cheeks are infected, you will experience pain in your teeth, upper jaw, and cheeks. The common symptoms of sinusitis are as under:

The most typical symptom of sinusitis is that when you wake up after a nap, you will feel pain and heaviness in the head.

Mild fever, accompanied by fatigue and weakness.

Coughingthat may worsen at night.

Congestion of the nasal passage.

Thick and dark yellow mucus discharge when coughing or sneezing.

Feeling of nausea due to the blocked nose and throat.

Diagnosis of sinusitis is usually done by a doctor on the basis of a physical examination. In some cases, an MRI test might be necessary.Treatment of sinusitis is done depending upon the type of infection. If it is due to bacteria, antibiotic medicines are prescribed. For relief from the symptoms such as headaches and nasal congestion, some over-the-counter painkillers or home remedies may be used. Some of the home remedies for sinus relief are as follows:

Apply some pain balm on your forehead and nose. Eucalyptus oil and mint oil present in the balm will give you considerable relief from the pain and congestion.

Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a mug of boiling water. Cover your head and face with a thick towel. Gently inhale the steam for five to ten minutes. This will give you immediate relief from nasal congestion and help in coughing out the mucus more easily. This is an excellent home remedy for sinusitis.

Cause of Sinusitis Nose Bleed


As mentioned earlier, sinusitis related nose bleeds occur when you have chronic sinusitis. The persistent inflammation in the sinus cavities results in an increased pressure on the blood capillaries in the nasal passage. These tiny capillaries burst due to the pressure, resulting in nose bleeds.


However, if you happen to experience a nose bleed, it does not mean that you have sinusitis, unless you have the other symptoms of sinusitis too. Nose bleeds might be due to any of the other nosebleeds causes. Other causes of a nose bleed are as mentioned below:
Excessive exposure to severe hot conditions may result in a nose bleed. Usually, children are more prone to this kind of a nose bleed. This is one of the most common nose bleeding causes.

Recurrence of allergicrhinitis may also result in nose bleeds.

Some internal injury; blood in the sinuses may get released due to injury.

Some people with high blood pressure may experience nose bleeds at times.

Use of blood thinning medicines may also result in a nose bleed.

Sometimes, the nose bleeds when blowing the nose. This occurs when you happen to blow your nose too vigorously.

Some foreign object stuck in the nose may also cause nose bleeds.

Use of cocaine may also result in a nose bleed.

These are the causes of a nose bleed other than sinusitis. If you happen to experience a nose bleed, you should not ignore it and should always consult your health care provider.

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