By Following Your Chiropractors Advice Keeping Your Spine Healthy

When back pain victims come to a chiropractic office in San Diego such as New Century Spine Centers, they want to get rid of their back pain and keep it off. There are several simple steps that anyone can take to keep their back pain from coming back after undergoing chiropractic care or spinal decompression therapy. 

The first bit of advice is to never bend and lift at the waist. Always bend at the knees, then lift. Remember this: “Lift like an elevator, not like a crane.” Stretch every morning for “5 minutes when you’re out of bed. You may prefer taking a hot shower first but the long-term health of your spine is based on the daily little things and stretching is a “HUGE” little thing. 

Flip-flop sandals are the worst and should be avoided at all costs. Your orthotics need to be as important to your outfit as underwear. Supporting your feet supports your spine. Never sleep on your stomach. If you sleep on your side, put a pillow between your knees or purchase a molded leg support. Always wear shoes with backs/heel straps on them. 

Don’t sit for more than two hours straight without stretching. This should be your maximum. Sitting through a long movie is sometimes okay, but stand up and walk around afterwards and arch your back, lean side-to-side, and take your low back through different ranges of motion before you sit down again or drive home to keep it from stiffening up. Water intake should be about eight to ten glasses of water per day. If you drink alcohol, soda, coffee, or are eating salty food, you must drink an additional two to four glasses of water that day. 

If you know you are going to be doing a heavy-duty activity such as moving furniture or even be on your feet for hours at a time then wearing a back support belt. Proper nutrition remains important to maintain the health of your discs. I recommend Glucosamine Sulphate. Exercise is great. Walking 1/2 hour each day with light weights is the best. Leave the weights at home if you prefer but get in some walking every single day! Other great options are yoga, Pilates and step aerobics. But for those of you with type-A personalities exercise caution with these- DO NOT GO TOO HARD TOO FAST! 

These and more simple steps to eliminate back pain can be found at New Century Chiropractic Centers in San Diego. Feel free to contact them with any questions at 619-630-9153. Living with back pain is a choice now. Many people are living pain free and enjoying life. 

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