A sign of ageing- bone spur

Bone Spurs are a bony growth formed over the normal bone. The term ‘spur’ seems inappropriate because spur depicts the thrusting of the bony structure into one of the organs to cause pain. On the other hand bone spurs are smooth which are formed over a period of time.

Bone spurs can cause wear and tear by pressing and brushing on other bones or soft and smooth tissues like ligaments, tendons or nerves. Even though you may suffer back pain, bone spurs may not actually be the culprit. The medical term used for bone spur is osteophytes affecting people mainly over 60 years of age.

It is a sign of aging as people in that age group are more prone to this disease. Bone Spurs per say can be painful and disturbing but the fundamental problems are the ones which needs your attention. Many a times bone spurs can lead to severe problems like arthritis.


Bone spurs are mainly responsible for the immobility of the joints which is seen in arthritis. Bone spur formation, is the process of repairing by your body due to excess wear and tear. The extra bone describes its attempt to repair the bone which is formed over a period of time. It is commonly found in the joints and those include the knees, hips, elbow, shoulders, fingers and feet. Many a times having a bone spur goes unnoticed due to the lack of any sign or symptom. It can be detected only during an X-ray scan which discloses it growth. Bone spurs are the trademark sign of some of the most painful diseases like DISH – diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis, plantar fasciitis, spondylosis and spinal stenosis. The formation of bone spur creates spaces along the existing bone. This adds stability to the maturing joints and prevents dislocation of the cartilage. This proves that bone spurs can be salutary for some, rather than an annoying pain.


Home Remedies For Bone Spur


You should minimize the acute pain by applying ice or ice pack for 10 minutes and continue do this for four or five times a day.


If this is a chronic pain you can apply heat to reduce the pain. A heating bag, pad or a hot towel can be used in the similar fashion as the cold application.


Avoid flat shoes as they are not shock-absorbent which causes the ligament to stretch making the problem worse. Canvas tennis shoes are not at all recommended. Wear shoes which are well-padded and shock resistant.


You can also have over-the-counter pain killers such as ibuprofen to reduce the pain and prevent further inflammation.


You can also take up massaging to reduce the pain. The continuous hand movement over the inflamed area increases the circulation which reduces the inflammation.

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