Skin care naturally

Most of us regularly try expensive creams and lotions that are available in the market only to find that they give us “nil results”. Here are some natural skin care tips that will help you look good. You do not even have to spend a fortune to look good.

Simply following a natural skin care regimen would help bring out the best in your skin.

A well-balanced diet will help improve the elasticity of your skin. Try consuming at least five portions of fresh fruits or vegetables every day and see your skin glow.

Make sure you drink enough water as one of the main causes of tired looking skin is dehydration. Try and drink at least two to three liters of water everyday.

Exercise regularly as a good exercise routine would be extremely beneficial for your skin. It helps activate and rejuvenate your skin and also improves the flow of blood to your skin.

Those who drink too much of caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee, and colas are more prone suffer from dull skin and may also suffer from problems such as spots and greasy skin. Avoid drinking more than two to three cups of tea, coffee, and other such drinks.

Drinking excessive alcohol sometimes causes skin problems such as split veins. Try and avoid drinking alcohol and if this is not possible, restrict your intake of alcohol to the recommended dosages.

The nicotine from cigarettes is bad for your skin as well. It damages the blood vessels that supply nutrients and oxygen to the skin. Due to this your skin becomes unable to get rid of unwanted substances and in some severe cases, slowly lacks oxygen. Certain substances that the skin produces also age the skin and in turn affect the hair follicles and nail beds. Avoid smoking if you want a healthy and youthful appearance.

Try these natural skin care recipes for glowing skin. The first is called a Honey Facial Mask. Place a towel wrung in warm water on your face to open the pores. Then smear on some honey and leave this for about half an hour. Use warm water to rinse off. Follow this by splashing cold water to tighten and close the pores. The second is a simple skin wash. Prepare a thin paste made out of skimmed milk powder and water and use this paste to wash you face with instead of soap. Apply an herbal milk toner once you rinse your face. Preparing an herbal milk toner is quite easy as well. Take two tablespoons of freshly chopped herbs such as calendula, mallow, lavender, and lemon balm and add 2/3 cup boiling milk to it. Keep it covered and leave it until it cools down. Strain this through cheesecloth and use a sterilized bottle or jar to store this mixture in the refrigerator.

Dry brushing you skin before you go in for your shower helps in the stimulation of the oil glands in your skin. Make sure you use a brush that has soft bristles and use this to gently brush your body in circular movements beginning from you feet and moving upwards. Follow this with a shower and massage in a good moisturizer once you are done.

Exfoliating your skin helps make it clear and clean. Regularly exfoliating your skin helps rinse out dirt, and other chemicals that damages your skin. Sugar added to your body wash makes for a great exfoliating scrub.

Natural skin care for dry skin is quite simple. If the skin on your face is dry avoid using tap water to cleanse it as it has a drying effect on your skin. Instead use mineral water or better still use an alcohol-free cleaning lotion or cosmetic milk. Pat your skin dry after washing instead of rubbing yourself dry. Use warm water to bathe and restrict the number of baths you take to one per day.

Natural skin care for oily skin involves a slightly different routine. You need to wash oily skin with oil-based products that help dissolve the sebum. Follow this by using a moisturizer that is oil free and helps you to maintain a complexion that is shine free. Use tepid water to have a bath instead of hot water. Steaming hot water takes away the much needed moisturizer from your body.

Too much stress causes conditions such as acne and chronic skin conditions in some people. Try to relax and keep aside some time to meditate. You may not be able to completely eliminate stress, but you can reduce it to a great extent. Sleeping on your back will prevent problems such as puffiness of the face and morning eye.

Natural skin care does not require too much effort. We simply have to follow a regime that involves cleansing and moisturizing everyday. There are a number of natural products that are easily available in our kitchen or refrigerators that can help us look good. We need to take simple measures like staying out of the sun and applying a sunscreen to take care of our skin.

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