Carly Rae Jepsen: Real Naked Photos Exist

Carly Rae Jepsen escaped a fake nude photo scandal a few weeks ago, but a new report suggests that real photos do exist and there is an ongoing police investigation to catch an alleged hacker!

Carly Rae, 26, reportedly told police that she’s a victim of a hacker who stole naked photos of the singer from her computer and is trying to sell them to various media outlets, according to TMZ.

These photos should not be confused with the fake ones floating around the internet, and Carly Rae is said to be trying her best at keeping the real ones hidden!

A rep for the Vancouver police department tells TMZ that an active investigation is underway “in regards to a theft of electronic property belonging to Jepsen.” They even have a suspect lined up!

Guilty parties will reportedly face charges of criminal harassment and unauthorized access of a computer. They will also face potential jail time!

On July 23, a report claimed Carly Rae was the star in a leaked sex tape. Within hours, the “Call Me Maybe” singer took to twitter to defend herself against the alleged tape.

“Crazy morning. Discovered that someone put up a sex tape claiming to be me. Ridiculous. Obviously not me.” Carly Rae tweeted.

With the news of an ongoing investigation, we have to wonder — is the previously reported sex tape REAL?

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