Since 1989, Popeyes Supplements Canada has been proudly serving over 1,000,000 Canadians, providing the best in Sport Supplements at the lowest prices.

We were the first on the block, shipping milk and egg protein to die-hard fitness bodybuilders back in the 1990’s. Since then, we have grown tremendously thanks to our customer’s referrals to friends and colleagues. Although we have grown to become the largest provider of Sport Supplements in Canada, we haven’t forgotten the importance of pleasing our customers one at a time. All of our orders are treated as customers, not boxes. We aim for 110% customer satisfaction every time.

We pride ourselves on selling only the best in Sport Nutrition Supplements. We receive feedback on all of our products from bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts nationwide. We guarantee that your money is well spent as all of our products are the best in their class at the absolute lowest prices.

We are happy to answer any questions you have on health, fitness and supplementation. It’s our passion. The Supplements Canada Team are fitness enthusiasts and avid supplements users. Don’t hesitate to call or send an email with questions you may have.

We thank you our customers for your constant feedback, which in turn has made us better. You demand the best pricing, the best selection and the best advice and in a timely manner so that’s what we provide.

Gone are the days when you buy your Supplements at the mall.

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