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Everything for healthy living.

We promote a holistic approach to your health and well-being through nutrition and a healthy, natural lifestyle. Our hope is that we will have the opportunity to help you enjoy that healthy lifestyle, day in and day out.

Your natural health superstore, we offer you health articles, detailed product information and one of the largest selections of natural health products in the world. We’re proud to carry a wide range of carefully selected dietary supplements, health-related housewares and healthy lifestyle products.

Aviva’s name comes from a Spanish translation for ‘enliven’. Founded in 2001 by Nathan Zassman, a Nutritional Therapist, we operate a retail centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and are proud to serve Canadian, American and international customers through Aviva.ca, launched in 2004.



Aviva Natural Health Solutions is my personal concept of what a health and wellness company should be. With a broad and comprehensive product line, I feel that no other company offers the diversified and complete selection of health and wellness products found at Aviva.

Our retail center is located in the St. James neighbourhood of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. On display you’ll find a comprehensive selection of nutritional supplements, natural body care products, aromatherapy products, air purification systems, full spectrum lighting solutions, and foot health products.

Other unique features in our store include a large display area for  natural beds, products designed for back/spinal therapy, rebounders and other fitness equipment.

Our commercial kitchen displays juicers, grinders, blenders, dehydrators, water purification systems, and top quality cookware from Silit, Fissler and Sitram. We offer nutritional courses combined with cooking classes for small groups, and regularily hold larger in-store seminars on a wide variety of health topics.

The Aviva approach is to improve health and wellness by integrating proven health promoting technologies into a person’s lifestyle. With certifications in nutritional therapy, I maintain a limited clinical practice, and prepare educational material on a wide variety of health topics for my clients and for publication on Aviva.ca. I spend as much time as possible studying the latest published orthomolecular research to learn the most effective application of orthomolecular therapies, using vitamins, herbs, amino acids, supplements, foods, etc., for healing mind and body. Through continual research and study, my goal is to find the most advanced clinically proven health, wellness, and fitness products that can improve the health of my clients and our customers, with a focus on products that can easily be integrated into a person’s lifestyle, so that health improvement can become so natural that no conscious effort is required

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