Marc Lobliner’s Epic IFBB Pro Card Journey – Week 10

This covers weeks 9 and 10. I am feeling AMAZING and my 2011 travels have begun. I went to Cincinnati and we rocked an epic demo with Scivation athlete and prep guru Jason Theobald from Natty Nutrition, Scivation athlete and kettlebell expert Joe Daniels and myself—The Machine! It was great, the turnout was amazing, and people had fun! Before that, I trained delts with Jason and it was GREAT! The pump and the excitement of training with a fellow national level NPC competitor was epic! I really had fun! Since I was traveling, there are not many pics this update…but yes there are! I got these posing pics JUST FOR THIS PIECE TODAY! Pics taken AM…cold!


I am doing a Leg/Back Specialization Hybrid. I have done specialized work for back and legs for eight weeks of each and now it is time to bring it all together for one big FINALE! I am raising my cardio to SIX sets on 1 handed kettlebell swings! These are harder and work more core than the 2-handed version.

Monday – Deadlift, Lower Back, Hip dominant leg day.

Deadlifts – 3 x 4-10
Weighted Lunge – 3 X 6-10 per leg
Leg Curl – 3 X 6-12
Single Leg or Seated Leg Curl – 3 X 6-12
Weighted Reverse Hypers – 8 X 8-12
Seated Calf Raise – 8 X 8-12
Tuesday – HIIT!

HIIT On Elliptical: -5 minute warm up at 10 out of 25 speed then… -10 intervals with 20 out of 25 speed sprint for 15 seconds and 8 out of 25 rest for 45 seconds.
10 minutes (low intensity, steady state cardio) LISS on stepmill.
5 sets of 20 2-arm kettlebell swings with 50lb bell.
5 sets to failure with 60lbs on Hammer Strength ab machine.
3 sets to failure on hanging leg raises.

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