Dianna Dahlgren

Dianna Dahlgren has positioned herself as one of the top competitors in the bikini division. She was ninth at the 2010 Olympia, but since then has never finished out of the top-5. This is Dianna’s third trip to the Olympia, and she’s looking to improve upon last year’s 3rd-place finish. Dianna took fifth place at the Toronto Pro, but having attended that show, I would have placed her higher. More recently, she’s coming off a win at the LA Grand Prix. When she’s on her game mentally, she exudes confidence and lights up the stage. When she’s off, she looks like a deer in the headlights. I think we’ll see Dianna on top of her game, and if she can continue to pose in a way that makes her body look curvy, she’ll be in the hunt for the win.

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