Mr Olympia 2012

One of the world’s largest fitness exhibitions will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center along with many of the leading resembles how IFBB Pro Figure, Fitness, Bikini, women’s bodybuilding, under-212 bodybuilding, strongman, power lifting, grappling and much more!
On the evenings of the 28th and 29 September, moves the action to the Orleans Arena for the Mr. Olympia
Competition and the finals for figure, fitness, bikini, women’s bodybuilding and under-212!

Check out in the coming weeks for everything you need to know about bodybuilding biggest weekend.

2012 Olympia Weekend

Las Vegas Convention Center and Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, NV


September 27-30, 2012

1) Phil Heath, USA
2) Jay Cutler, USA
3) Kai Greene, USA
4) Victor Martinez, USA
5) Ronny Rockel, Germany

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