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p>Charles Poliquin – Strength Coach
Charles Poliquin is a renowned strength coach based in the US. While completing graduate studies in Exercise Physiology in Canada, Charles began coaching athletes, a career move that has resulted in hundreds of medals, wins and personal bests of many elite athletes.

Among his accomplishments, he has designed workouts for Olympic medallists in 17 different sports. Some of his clients include Adam Nelson, two-time Olympic medallist and world champion in the shot put and Dwight Phillips, Olympic gold medallist and world champion in the long jump.

He has also written over six hundred articles, and ten books related to strength training. He is known worldwide for producing faster athletes. When a country wants a Gold medal, they come to Charles. 2

The Charles Poliquin BioSignature Modulation Method
The BioSignature Method is designed to offer a new alternative to fat loss, offering faster fat loss and scientific spot reduction.

The Method relates to the relationship between body fat stores and hormonal profiles, and the methodology to improve site specific body composition. The BioSignature method brings together the best principles of naturopathy, functional medicine and exercise science to bring about a revolutionary new method of achieving fat loss and optimal health. 1

The BioSignature Method is based on scientific evidence working to help people lose fat in their own particular areas related to their own hormonal profile. Under this technique, diet, exercise, supplementation and lifestyle modifications are recommended to help the participant reduce stubborn fat stores. Each recommendation is made based on your own particular ?biological signature,? or hormone profile.

How Does The BioSignature Method Work?
There are 12 major body fat sites that can be quickly and accurately tested by a pair of quality skin calipers and a qualified technician. These sites include the cheek, chin, pectoral region, triceps, umbilical, supra iliac, subscapular, mid axillary, quadriceps, hamstrings, knee and calf. Although there are many other methods to test body fat, such as underwater weighing and electrical impedance, Poliquin believes that body fat testing with skin calipers is the best method to be used for Biosignature Modulation because it can determine precisely the amount of fat in each of the major fat-testing sites where other testing methods only tell you your percent body fat.

Measurements from each site are then compared to the triceps reading and this identifies which areas of the body have excessive levels of fat relative to the other 11 body fat sites. Some people may have excessive fat in just one area, while others may have several problem areas. Most clients will already have a good idea of what their problem areas are and an experienced practitioner in Biosignature Modulation can often make an accurate visual determination of the problem, but the calipers are quick, easy and reliable. 3

The BioSignature Method can help you develop a programme based on your unique biological signature. This means faster results and fewer supplements than is possible with the industry?s typically more random and haphazard approach. For example, the thickness of a person?s umbilical skin fold (your gut) is a direct reflection of cortisol (the stress hormone) output. A relatively fat midsection indicates stress levels are high and/or the ability to handle stress is low. The good news is that 1) it?s not your fault and, 2) it can be changed. The result is improved performance in all areas of your life ? physical, mental, and intellectual. By following your personal plan, you will emerge leaner, stronger, healthier, happier, and more energetic.

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