Building Muscle Noob Teenagers Guide


Without motivation, you won’t have the drive to get the body you want, which will actually impact how much effort you put into a workout. Ask yourself…..”Why do I workout?” Is it to impress people? Make you feel good about yourself? Whatever the reason, you should think about it. I know this might sound vain, but after you’ve finished working out, check yourself out in the mirror. After a tough workout and you’re all pumped, your body fills out and shapes the way you wish it did and it does make you look good. That inspires you.

Working out while ill

If you come down with an illness you should just wait for it to clear before working out again. Your body needs to fight the virus, and working out will put your body under more pressure and you’ll spread the virus around the gym.

Warming up, cooling down, stretching

It is important to warm up before a workout, and cool down and stretch after a workout. Doing so will help prevent injuries, get you into shape and make you more flexible. It’ll also help with DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) which is basically pain or stiffness you feel after a day or two of a tough workout. If you happen to feel this pain then don’t worry, it is normal.


Without rest, your muscles will not grow. Going to the gym everyday and doing bicep curls everyday will not make your biceps grow. If you repeatedly go to the gym, working the same muscle group with extreme intensity, you won’t make it grow. You will damage the muscle and possibly make them shrink. “Less is more” in the case of weightlifting. Any routine on this site will keep you right.

In The Gym


To build muscle effectively you need to lift with good “form”. Meaning, only the muscle group that the exercise targets should be used. If you feel that your form is poor, lessen the weight. There is no shame in that. Lifting a light weight with good form is better than lifting a heavy weight with poor form. It doesn’t matter that the guy next to you is lifting a weight much heavier than you, you need to focus on what YOU are doing.

Compound and isolation exercises

What is the difference between a compound exercise and an isolation exercise?

Compound exercises target more than one muscle group, while isolation exercises target one muscle group. Compound exercises are generally better because:

The increased amount of muscles used will send out a “distress call” to release more hormones, like testosterone, which helps make your muscles grow.
You can normally handle a heavier weight with compound exercises.
Some compound exercises:

Chin Up
Barbell Bench Press
Military Press
Chest Dips
Don’t miss out on these exercises. They’re tough and that’s the point, you’ll get the results you want from them. If a workout is “easy” then you didn’t push yourself hard enough.

Beginner routines

As a beginner you will need to start on a beginner’s routine. This will allow your muscles and tendons to get ready for tougher routines and will allow you to practice your lifting form. Here are the beginner routines from this site:

Beginner Routines

You may know someone real skinny, they never workout, but their abs are really visible. It’s because their bodyfat percentage is low. If you want visible abs you need a low bodyfat percentage, around 10% or below. It doesn’t matter how many sit-ups, crunches or leg raises you do, your abs won’t be visible without a low bodyfat percentage. Saying that, you shouldn’t NOT do ab exercises just because you can’t see them.

Diet & Nutrition For Teens


I shouldn’t call it a “diet”, but a “lifestyle”. It’s something you’ll always have to do. You can’t just get the body you want and then stop “dieting”, or you’ll eventually lose everything you’ve worked hard for. Dieting is THE most important part of muscle building.


If you want to bulk you’re going to have to eat 500 more calories than your body burns of a day, so by the end of the week you will have gained 1 lb in bodyweight. If you need to work out how many calories you need to eat a day use this site calculator:

BMR Calculator (Remember to add 500 to this number)
Next, you need to figure out what to eat and create a meal plan. This is difficult at first, but it’s easy once you learn. For best results, split the calories up so 30% is protein, 50% is carbohydrates & 20% is fat. This is called a PCF Ratio.

So let’s say your daily calorie intake is 3000:

50% of 3000 – 1500 Calories /4 = 375g Carbs
30% of 3000 – 900 Calories / 4 = 225g Protein
20% of 3000 – 600 Calories / 9 = 60g Fat
So this person needs to eat a total of 375g of carbs a day, 225g of protein a day and 60g of fat a day. I divided carbs and protein by 4 because they contain 4 calories per gram, and I divided fat by 9 because fat contains 9 calories per gram.

With me so far?

It’s recommended to eat about 6 meals a day spread out over roughly 3 hours, so you divide the total number of carbs, protein and fat by 6 to find out how much of it you need per meal:

375g Carbs / 6 – 63g Per meal (6x a day)
225g Protein / 6 – 38g Per meal (6x a day)
60g Fat / 6 – 10g Per meal (6x a day)
Now that you know how much to eat, you need to know what foods to eat, there are several tables in this article showing you what foods you can eat and it also shows their nutrition values:

How To Create A Bodybuilding Diet
Look through that list and create a meal plan using the foods you like.

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