Figure competition for your pack

The week leading up to your figure competition has come! Your focus now is light cardio, a couple more training sessions and coasting into the weekend to strut your beautiful self, enjoying the moment and letting your hard work shine. Are you packed and ready? As you get close to your competition the last thing you want to do is stress out. I recommend you pack your bags, at least a week in advance (but keep it open, because you will need your suite and stilettos to practice your posing every day leading up to your show.

Here is a list of items to pack in your bag, with an explanation why. There is also a bonus excel version of the check list below you can print out and customize for your own competition. Good luck!

Flip Flops

Once you are tanned the last thing you want is a sock ring or to put on sweaty shoes. The goal after your tanning session is to stay cool. Flip flops are easy to slip on between registration, tanning and heading over to your competition. Stilettos

Make sure you check your organizations rules and regulations if there is a heel or thickness restriction. Make sure you practice a lot in these though, don’t pack them away too early

Posing Suite:

Same as above

Bikini Bite:

This is a sticky skin glue you put (or have a friend put) on your booty where you want your suit to stick. Do this just before you go on stage so it doesn’t slip, and in case you still have to still have to pee as your waiting for your class to go on stage 3-4 towels
For in the hotel, once you are tanned, after you shower you will not want to use their white towels, they will charge you back. Also its helpful to have one at the show incase they don’t let you use their chairs, you can drape a towel over a bench or lye on the floor
Bed Sheets Again the hotel WILL charge you if they find pro-tan all over their sheets. I always pack my own bed sheets to lie on and cover up with Cooler

This will carry your food leading up to show day and for you to have behind stage with you, because you will still be eating on diet leading up to the evening show. Bring a large one and some empty zip locks to fill with ice incase the hotel does not have a refrigerator Bobby Pins

To fix last minute hair issues

Safety Pins

To fix last minute suite issues Q-tips

To fix last minute makeup issues Hairspray

For last minute touchups or to do your hair incase you didn’t have a professional do it at the show. *note: wash your hair the night before, and do it prior to your spray tan*

Full Make-Up Kit

Even if you are having your make up done, you will want make up to fix up along the way. It is also a safe back up plan just incase things go faster or slower than expected and you need to do your own make up (PREPARE FOR EVERYTHING)

Tooth Brush


Rub this over your teeth before you go on, so you can smile easily. You will be dehydrated and your mouth may be dry Deodorant
This is for after your show. Make sure not use deodorant after your shower, prior to your spray tan or once you have the tanning product on. It will turn your armpits green, yuck.

Comfy loose pants

You will want a pair of pants that will not ruin your tan and are easy to put on/take off

Tank Tops

Tank tops are the easiest to put on after you tan, the easier to put on the better (do not wear a bra after you tan)

Loose T-Shirt

This is another great option, post tan

Loose Sweater

This will be depending on the weather the day of your show Sparkling bracelet

These look great on stage, and are a nice accent to your beautiful suit

Sparkling Earrings

Same as above There may be some at the show to help you pump up before you go on, but don’t take chances. Bring your own, incase others are using all the ones provided backstage ID

Especially if you are masters/junior. They will ID you. Membership card

You will require this at registration/check it

Body Lotion

For after the show. Once you shower before your pro-tan do not lotion, this will change your pH balance, and can affect your colour.


But once you are done and taking your first shower you

will want some nice body lotion

Hair wash/ Conditioner

With all of the product in your hair, the hotel sample sizes may not be enough. Especially if there is more than one girl sharing a room.


Hair Ties

If your hair was down, you may want to pull it up after the show

Tanning Oil If you use a good tanning company they will oil you up before you go on stage. But check to be sure. If not, or if you tanned yourself, make sure you have purchased a competition specific tanning oil and use before you go onstage

Ear buds and mp3 player

You may want to have this to keep you calm, get you in the zone, or to jam to when you’re pumping up Supplements

The best thing to do is put in small baggies and label when you have to take them; it leaves the guessing when your mind is focused on so many things the day of the show

Small mirror

There may only be one mirror for 30 girls to share. Don’t take the chances


Because you never know ;) Extra meals Shows are never predictable. They could go fast, take long or change when you’re going on. Be over prepared, by having a few extra meals with you just incase.

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