Addicted to workingout – I’m a Bigorexic

A mother-of-two who was once a petite size 8 has become so addicted to bodybuilding she says she won’t stop until she hits 20 stone.

Rene Campbell, a British national champion who currently weighs 13.st5lb, works out for two hours a day, five times a week.

The 35-year-old self-confessed ‘Bigorexic’ also consumes 4,200 calories a day in the form of chicken, rice and vegetables and even carries a pair of scales with her so she can weigh her food in restaurants.

The divorced mother, who has size 18 shoulders, has been training for four years.

Rene told The Sun: ‘I won’t stop until I’m bigger.

‘I look at the 20-stone guys in the gym and think I want to be that big. I love the muscular aesthetic – looking like a Greek God. It’s a form of art.’

Rene was no stranger to sports but after years of long distance running and triathlons, she took up bodybuilding as a new challenge – and went on to take part in eight competitions.

She recently came first place in the UKBFF British Finals.

On her website, Rene wrote: ‘I reasoned with myself that if I didn’t like it I could walk away.

‘I was tired of the hours of cardio each day and wanted a new challenge.

‘I won my first competition and was bitten by the bug and have now come to thoroughly love the bodybuilding lifestyle.

‘I am always pushing forward, believing in myself and never giving up.

‘I learn from every experience that presents itself and gain strength from it. I’ve been very lucky to have wonderful role models around me who have taught me valuable life lessons and enriched my life.

‘Ive been blessed with two beautiful boys who make me realise just how precious life is.’

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