Abbie Burrows

Will the real Abbie Burrows please stand up? We never know what we’re going to see out of her. Sometimes she is in the mix for the win; other times, she’s announced in the bottom callouts. She was ninth at the 2011 Olympia and finished in the dreaded 16th place at the 2012 Bikini International. She qualified for the 2011 Olympia by placing second in the Titans Grand Prix, a show held after the 2011 Olympia that qualified the top-3 finishers. If Abbie is mentally in the show, she’ll be in the mix for a top-15 spot. If not, look for an Arnold repeat. Abbie also likes to change her suit, hair and makeup with each show. I’m a firm believer in not fixing what isn’t broken. If she goes back to a look that got her the win in Tijuana, she’ll be better off.

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